Corporations vs. Unions

by Donald Daniel, 10-16-06, revised Feb 2012

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The liberals seem to feel that union power cannot in principal be abused, the conservatives seem to feel that corporate power cannot in principal be abused. Both are wrong. But the right way to prevent abuse of corporate power is not to counterbalance it with union power. The right way is to establish statutory limits on the number of employees a corporation can have. One industry has pioneered this approach. There are separate architectural firms, construction firms, plumbing firms, air conditioning firms, roofing firms etc., instead of monolithic firms that do all these jobs. Six construction companies temporarily collaborated to build Hoover dam, a project much too large for any one of them.

Another advantage of a limit on the size of corporations is that they will not become so large that they cannot be allowed to fail. Government bailouts of failing firms will never be justified.

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