America's Romeo and Juliet

by Donald Daniel, 2010, revised Oct 2014

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Before rural roads were paved, lots of farmers in Texas lived on small farms. There were many small communities that do not exist today. Two were "half gallon", west of Knox City, and "bug tussle", between Honey Grove and Ladonia.

Someone should write about the epic romance between Helen of Half Gallon and Bosco from Bug Tussle, so America could have something to compare with Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet".

Unfortunately memories of a more colorful, rustic era are fading. Words like "mosey", "sashay" and "larrupin" were used then. Descriptions were more colorful. My daddy use to say there were parts of the piney woods so dark and remote that the few people who lived there "used bullfrogs for watchdogs and hoot owls for chickens."

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